Keto diet foods keto diet recipes keto pills keto diet menu for beginners keto diet for beginners keto diet explained Man who tipped the scales at a whopping 543lbs loses over half his body weight


Keto diet foods keto diet recipes keto pills keto diet menu for beginners keto diet for beginners keto diet explained

A man who ballooned to 543lbs after gorging on over 20,000 calories a day has revealed how he transformed his body – and his face – with the ketogenic diet, dropping to 196lbs. 

Construction marketing administrator, Mike Gorman, 46, from Rhode Island, would devour donuts for breakfast and up to six cheeseburgers for dinner, tipping the scales at 543lbs at his heaviest. 

In February 2017, he discovered the ketogenic diet and began going to the gym every day, shedding 347lbs and losing his enormous tummy and double chins in the process. 

He credited his weight loss with giving him a new-found confidence, saying: ‘I feel like I am finally a man; a man who takes his responsibilities seriously, to his life and to himself.’

Mike Gorman, 46, from Rhode Island, tipped the scales at 543lbs (38st 8Ib) and devoured 20,000 calories a day before his weight loss

The construction marketing administrator long struggled with his weight and ballooned to over 543lbs (38st 8Ib) at his heaviest 

Mike now gets up every day at 4am in order to go to the gym  and says he now feels ‘amazingly proud’ of his weight loss 

Mike was brought up in a low-income household which meant that he didn’t focus too much on healthy eating or nutrition.

Despite his family trying to put him on a diet since he was 10 years old due to being 201lbs (14st 4Ib), it was around that time when his parents got divorced and this caused him to comfort eat the pain away.

Mike said: ‘I grew up a very overweight child, who became a very overweight adult. My family put me on diets as far back as age ten.’

‘It was also around that time that my parents got divorced; I needed to step up in some ways and often prepared meals for myself and my younger sister.

But after adopting the Keto diet in February 2017, Mike shed over 347lbs and said his life has been transformed (pictured, after the weight loss)

‘Even back then I was developing habits, including sneak eating and binging. I excelled in school, had jobs young, but always found time for food.

‘I think my family, being from a lower income background, didn’t focus that much on healthy food options but the foods they could afford; low priced, highly processed heavy carbs dominated our tables.’

He added: ‘I developed an excessive appetite at a young age and did nothing about it. If anything, I trained it to get worse with my daily routines. 

‘From a young age the majority of my income went to food. Always. I celebrated with food, I commiserated with food, I chose food and eating over people and social situations.

Mike believes that coming from a low-income background left him without the knowledge of how to eat healthily (pictured, before his weight loss) 

Mike revealed before his weight loss he was ‘the stereotypical funny, happy, fat guy’ who had no shame about his body (pictured with a friend) 

Mike revealed: ‘It’s funny; I was never the self-loathing fat guy bemoaning my existence. I lived my life as normal to me, oversized in eating, body and personality.

‘I was the stereotypical funny, happy, fat guy who had no shame about his body existing. I did not try to take up less space when I entered a room, I took the space I needed. I took my shirt off at the pool.’

He said: ‘I bought clothes that fit and sat in two plane seats with no shame. I even shared my gluttonous celebration of a life on Instagram before I switched gears to working on what was really happening.

‘I accepted my body for what it was, and maybe, I did it too much, I didn’t let the warning signs of health failure scare me.

Mike revealed that he felt ‘no shame’ about his weight, and would often take up two plane seats while travelling 

‘Like many big folks, I made the jokes before anyone else did. An after-effect of my size but also the bullying I received as a child.

‘I also very rarely heard any concern, either because they were afraid of how I would respond or were just plain afraid that I was too far gone.

‘When I did hear something like “Maybe you should slow down at the buffet buddy,” I would laugh and eat even more. 

I had a “You think I am out of control now, let’s show how out of control I can be” kind of attitude.’

The 46-year-old said he had little concern for his health before his weight loss, and said he had a carefree attitude to his size 

Mike would even sneak eat and binge eat, which increased his weight to a whopping 543lbs (38st 8Ib) and a UK shirt size XXXXXXXL. 

A typical day for Mike before his transformation consisted of excessive sleep, a coffee with extra cream and sugar on the way to work for breakfast, a sandwich and several donuts or pastries. 


The Ketogenic diet defines a low-carb, high-fat way of eating. 

Following this eating plan forces the body into a metabolic state, known as ketosis, which starves the body of carbohydrates but not calories.

Carbs are shunned in the keto diet as they cause the body to produce glucose, which is used as energy over fat.

Keto diets therefore lead to weight loss as they make the body burn fat as its primary energy source.

On the diet, followers can eat:

  • Meat
  • Leafy greens and most vegetables 
  • Full-fat dairy
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Avocadoes and berries
  • Fats, such as coconut oil

People cannot eat:

  • Grains, including rice and wheat
  • Sugar, like honey and maple syrup
  • Most fruit
  • White or sweet potatoes 

For lunch he would have another similar coffee, drink at least two litres of regular Coca Cola, a large pizza, two large steak and cheese subs with crisps and cookies. 

He would also snack throughout the day and grab half a dozen cheeseburgers and indulge in an elaborate gourmet dinner that would feed four to five people and no exercise. 

He tried many different diets between 2012 and 2013 including Weight Watchers, Deal-A-Meal, calorie counting, paleo and primal and even managed to shrink down to 210lb (15st) for his 40th birthday, but says because he wasn’t mentally prepared to live this lifestyle he ‘dove head first’ in to his food and regained his weight back.

It wasn’t until February 2017 that he discovered the ketogenic diet, which consists of food high in fat, adequate protein and low carbohydrates. 

His new routine, which includes attending the gym seven times a week, helped him shed to 196lb (14st 9Ib) and a UK shirt size XL.

Now he wakes up at 4am, gets ready for a session at the gym for 4: 30am, gets a black nitro coffee on his way to work for 7am, eats a keto-based breakfast at around 9am to 9: 30am, then eats a keto-based lunch around noon. He also practises intermittent fasting in the afternoon and regularly drinks water throughout the day. 

While he used to consume over 20,000 calories a day before, he has reduced his calorie intake to an average of 2,500 a day. His new look and outlook on life has boosted his confidence and he now says that he feels like a man for the first time. 

Mike said his friends often considered him the ‘stereotypical funny, happy, fat guy who had no shame’ about his body and size 

The 46-year-old said he would often show off his size online on Instagram. and would ignore the warning signs on his health  

‘It has given me my life back; I no longer have to worry about if I can walk far enough to get somewhere, if there will be furniture that will support my weight, if I will even have food available,’ he said.

‘I am learning about what my real priorities and goals in life are. I like to say that I live for more than my next meal now.

‘I have possibilities ahead of me and feel like for once I am present in every facet of my life, not just the kitchen.’

But he admitted he now faces different kinds of insecurities, saying: ‘My body is scarred and shows the after-effects of how I abused it for years, so honestly, I do struggle with seeing it every time I get dressed.

Since adopting the keto diet, Mike has lost over 347lbs with his size shrinking to 196lbs (14st 9Ib) 

He believes that losing the weight gave him a new perspective on life and helped him to see ‘what his real priorities and goals’ should be 

Mike admitted he has been taken aback by how much female attention he has had since his weight loss (pictured, after his transformation) 

‘I am so amazingly proud it hasn’t quit on me and I am amazed every day by what it can do. 

‘I run upstairs that I used to need to rest and catch my breath on. I fit in any space and no longer need to waste mental energy planning every movement of my life.’

He also suggested his weight loss had bought a whole new kind of attention from women, which he never had before.   

He revealed: ‘Right now, I am happy being single; I feel like tackling my weight and health has been a monumental undertaking that has honestly required I be a bit selfish at times.’  

The 46-year-old called his weight loss ‘honestly challenging’ but said he was ‘so proud’ of what he’s achieved (pictured after completing a run following his weight loss) 

Mike believes his body ‘still bears the scars’ of his weight, and says he still struggles with how he looks in the mirror 

‘As for attention, for the first time in my life, it has happened; it is pretty wild and honestly challenging. Hard to accept other people see you differently than you see yourself sometimes.’

Revealing his advice to other’s who might be trying to transform their body, Mike said: ‘Take a deep breath and don’t get overwhelmed by the all the information out there; find the eating plan that you think you can live with the most and start. Just start.

‘Don’t stress with trying to achieve perfection, just start moving. In the end, you can always reassess if something is working if you’re doing it consistently.

‘I firmly believe it is not one specific diet that works for everyone, but no matter what consistent commitment to a plan and goals is what matters most. Also, as cliché as it sounds, find your “why” and never lose focus on it.’  

Diet before 

Breakfast: A coffee with extra cream and sugar, a sandwich and doughnuts

Lunch: Another coffee, two litres of regular Coca Cola, a large pizza, two large steak and cheese subs with crisps and cookies

Dinner: Half a dozen cheeseburgers  

Diet after  

Breakfast: Black nitro coffee, keto-based breakfast 

Lunch: Keto-based lunch  (fatty foods like fish, meat and eggs) with water 

Snacks: Intermittent fasting

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