Keto diet foods keto diet recipes keto pills keto diet menu for beginners keto diet for beginners keto diet explained What Is the Keto Diet? A Ketogenic …


Keto diet foods keto diet recipes keto pills keto diet menu for beginners keto diet for beginners keto diet explained


Lone Cark FAT More Fat The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet Starter Guide WHAT IS A KETOGENIC DIET? A ketogenic (or “keto”) diet is a nutritional plan that aims to shift your body into a metabolic state known as “Ketosis” in a healthy, safe, and sustainable way. What does “KETOSIS STATE” MEAN? Ketosis is a metabolic process. Your body normally burns glucose for energy. In ketosis, your body runs out of carbohydrates (glucose), so it starts burning fat (ketones) for energy instead. Carbohydrates BURNING ENERGY Fat BURNING ENERGY To achieve ketosis, you must consume approximately 20 grams How to Achieve of carbohydrates per day. After 3-4 days, you will be in ketosis. KETOSIS Your body is now using ketones (chemicals produced in your liver (The Pathway) by breaking down fat) instead of glucose for energy, which facilitates weight loss. The Goal of a KETO DIET? The ultimate goal of a ketogenic diet is weight loss and much-improved overall health. Crucial Facts about THE KETO DIET The keto diet doesn’t mean you can eat any fatty meal you like, such as fast food. Eggs, avocados, and nuts are the optimal fat sources in the keto diet. 20% Protein It’s not a high protein diet – proteins should provide only 20% of your calorie intake. You can work out – just keep it short. Keto forces your body into ketosis. Keto isn’t for every dieter – it may give you the “Keto Flu”. The keto diet is not recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes. Follow expert guidelines and the keto diet isn’t dangerous. THE KETO DIET RESULTS OVERVIEW KETO DIET vs. LOW-FAT DIET: A Mind-blowing Comparison 110 КЕТO DIET 110 LOW FAT DIET RESULTS RESULTS 108 108 6kg 3kg 106 106 Weight Loss Weight Loss 104 104 102 102 100 100 01 14th 28th 01 14th 28th Day Day Day Day Day Day Overweight men lost twice as much weight with the Ketogenic SUMMARY: diet than those on a Low-fat diet. HARMFUL BELLY FAT REDUCTION COMPARISON Very Low Carbohydrate Keto Diet (VLCK) Vs. Low Fat Diet (LF) Avg. in Keto Diet (VLCK) Avg. in Low Fat Diet (LF) 7 Body Mass Fat Mass Trunk Mass Lean Body Mass Reduction in Mass The graph above shows that a keto diet is much more effective for SUMMARY: overall weight loss and reducing harmful belly fat than low-fat diets. Types of KETOGENIC DIETS STANDARD KETO DIET CYCLICAL KETO DIET High-fat (75%), moderate protein (20%), and low carbs (5%) Involves higher-carb refeeds (e.g. 5 keto days and 2 high-carb days) Low carbs (5%) ON KETO DAYS Carbs (5-10%) ON OFF DAYS Fat (25%), protein (25%), and carbs (50%) High-fat (75%) Moderate protein (20%) Fat (75%) Protein (15-20%) TARGETED KETO DIET HIGH-PROTEIN KETO DIET Allots 20-30g of extra carbs intake before and after workouts. Fat (60%), more protein than standard (35%), and carbs (5%) Carbs (10-15%) Carbs (5%) Fat (65-70%) Fat (60%) Protein (20%) Protein (35%) How to Jump Start Your KETO DIET 01 Decide on a goal 02 Get rid of all and draft a detailed non-keto foods. plan. 03 Buy only keto foods and avoid high carb foods. 05 04 Begin your keto diet by eating the correct amount of fat, proteins, and carbs. Be prepared for the initial side effects. Foods to Eat on THE KETO DIET Low Carb Above Ground Vegetables Zucchini Cabbage (3g) Broccoli Asparagus (2g) Spinach (1g) Avocado (3g) (2g) (4g) Brussels sprout (5g) Cauliflower Kale Green beans (3g) (3g) (4g) Net carbs per 100g (3.5oz) serving of each vegetable. Low Carb Fruits and Berries Plum Raspberries (3g) Blackberries Strawberries (4g) (6g) (7g) Kiwi Blueberries Peach Cherries (8g) (9g) (13g) (8g) Total carbs per 100g (3.5oz) serving of each fruit. Low Carb Nuts Hazelnut Walnut Almond Pecan (7g) (7g) (9g) (4g) Peanut Brazil (8g) (4g) Total carbs per 100g (3.5oz) serving of each nut. Foods to Avoid on THE KETO DIET Grains Tubers Cereal Corn Rice Wheat Sweet Potatoes Yams Potatoes High carb alcohol Beer Fruits Sugar Apple Banana Pineapple Fruit juice Soft drinks Cakes Chocolate КЕTO МЕAL MEAL Plan For Beginners Monday Tuesday Scrambled eggs Keto cheese Breakfast Breakfast (1g) roll-ups (2g) Keto Caprese omelet (4g) Keto Asian salad Lunch Lunch (7g) Keto meat pie (7g) Keto chicken Dinner casserole (6g) Dinner Wednesday Thursday Keto frittata with Keto Milkshake Breakfast Breakfast spinach (1g) Keto avocado and Keto chicken Lunch Lunch Goat cheese salad soup (6g) Pork Chops with salad, parmesan cheese, and broccoli. Keto Pizza Dinner Dinner (5g) Friday Saturday Mushroom Keto baked bacon Breakfast Breakfast omelet (5g) omelet (2g) Beef fried In Ham with nuts and Lunch Lunch coconut oil (8g) cheese slices Keto Asian cabbage stir fry (8g) Keto smoked Dinner Dinner salmon (1g) Sunday Keto pancakes with whipped cream and berries (4g) Breakfast Lunch Salsa burger Green beans, garlic butter and pork chops (6g) Dinner BENEFITS SIDE EFFECTS Type 2 Diabetes Risk Reduction X The Keto Flu Reduced inflammation X Drowsiness Reduced risk of heart disease X Fatigue Boost in energy X Difficulty concentrating Brain functionality protection X Headaches Cancer prevention X Lethargy Weight loss X Leg cramps Hunger regulation X Bad breath Intermittent Fasting on THE KETO DIET What is intermittent fasting (IF)? Hours Eating 16 Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves periods of eating followed by perods of fasting. The easiest IF pattern to start with is 16/8 (16 hours of fasting followed by 8 hours of Hours Fasting regular food consumption). IF KЕТО Why use IF and the keto diet together? Since both of these diets are used for weight loss and to reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, it makes sense to boost the effects by using the two together. Is the Keto Diet FOR YOU? A ketogenic is a highly effective way to lose weight and improve your overal health. You should definitely give it a try, IF YOU: Take a temporary 01 02 Can stay break from strenuous committed workouts 04 03 Are not Do not have morbidly obese Type 2 diabetes GET STARTED If you follow expert guidelines and stick to the rules, a ketogenic diet can be highly effective for weight loss and overall health improvements. Side effects should be expected initially, but they are totally manageable and should not impact you in the long term. The keto diet takes a high level of personal commitment, but the results are well worth the effort! References 2 e 2 about-this-weight-loss-program.html/ O Weight Changes in kilogram (kg) Weight

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